Best Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Best Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Best Exercises For a Flat Stomach

Having a flat stomach is an asset. Everyone wants to achieve it but as said, no pain no gain. Doing exercise is not easy to do but here’s the good news the ones we have here is easy and will just take 10 minutes or less.
• Mountain Climber

Goal: Arms, Abs, Back and Legs

1. First, have a push-up position and hands should be leveled on the floor. Then, with a straight body extend your legs behind.
2. Curve your right leg and bring it towards the chest. Then, slowly go back to straight position until you reach the push-up pose. Repeat the steps with the left leg and alternately. Complete steps as many as possible for 60 seconds keeping your hips and butt at a low level.

• Pike and Reach

Goal: Abs and Legs

1. Start with Lying facing up on a mat. Extend your legs over the hips and arms upward. Your hands should reach your feet.
2. Keep straight legs and get the arms back overhead while lowering the upper back and left leg to the floor.
3. Lift the left leg over the hips and reach hands towards the toes. Have it done alternating both legs and until 20 counts is complete.

• Side Hip Drop

Goal: Waist, Back, Hips and Shoulders

1. On a sideward position, bend your left elbow and raise your right arm. Keep your right leg straight and curve the left leg behind.
2. Slowly lower the hips and lift to the same position. Repeat the steps while having small dips for 30 seconds. Switch to the right side and do the steps again.
These exercises will help to attain the flat stomach that every person wants to have. It should be a habit to spare at least an hour or so to be successful. Have the right mindset and for sure that flat abs will soon become a reality!

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